1. Who has to pay the $32 per person dues?
Only those 12 and over will pay the $32 dues. Children under 12 are free.
2. What do the $32 dues include?
The $32 dues include food for all family events, non-alcoholic drinks, venue rental, entertainment equipment rental, door prizes, game prizes, one t-shirt for each family member, and unlimited family fun.
3. What activities will not be covered by the dues?
Hotel costs will not be covered by the dues. Each family is responsible for their own accomodations.

Additional trips like visits to the Memphis Zoo or Bass Pro Shop will not be covered in the dues. Also, food purchased outside of family events will be the responsibility of the individual.
4. What accomodations are available near the family reunion location?
Available accomodations near the family reunion can be found on this website under the Travelers/Accomodations section.
5. What outside activities are being considered during the family vacation weekend?
Activities that are being considered during the family vacation weekend can be found under the Travelers/Things to do section of this website.